Guided tours

The sites concerned by our guided tours:

Lille Lille Metropole Flanders Nord-Pas-De-Calais Belgium Guided tours of museums



Vieux-Lille: the “jewel” of Lille

Euralille: the new service area: from Euralille 1 to Porte de Valenciennes

Vauban-Esquermes: from the Catho to St martin d’Esquermes church

Wazemmes: the “belly of Lille”

Place of the Republic to the Town Hall: the city grows in the XIXth century

Lille-Moulins: industry and rehabilitation

The banks of the Deûle: from the Maison Folie “Le Colysée” to Eurotechnomogies

The fortifications: the city gates, the Citadel (outside) tour according to the time and mode of transport (on foot or by bicycle)

The Royal District and its private mansions




Villeneuve d’Ascq Roubaix Croix and Hem
St Sébastien’s district (Annapes)

The district of Castle and St Pierre (Flers)

Around LAM, Modern Art  museum

The town center: the Grand’Place (St Martin church and the Town Hall), Motte-Bossut factory, ENSAIT, the museum “La Piscine”

Rehabilitation of industrial sites

The velodrome area

Union: from the “Plaine Images” ( the world of the image), to the CETI …

The banks of the Canal de Roubaix (by bicycle)

The Roubaix cemetery, the history of the city …

The Parc Barbieux, the most beautiful park in the North of Paris

The neighborhood around Barbieux Park and EDHEC

The Villa Cavrois (masterpiece of the architect Mallet-Stevens) in Croix

The Town Center and St Martin de Croix Church

The Holy Therese Chapel in Hem (stained glass windows of Manessier)

Bouvines Lambersart Tourcoing
The church, its windows, the village, the Marque River Around the Avenue de l’Hippodrome and the Hôtel de Ville

Beautiful architectural witnesses of the industrial past

Union, Roubaix and Tourcoing in the 21st century




Inland Flanders Maritime Flanders







Région Nord-Pas-De-Calais

Douai Cambrai Arras Lens
The Town Hall, the Belfry

The city of the 18th century

The city center: the Cathedral, St Géry church, City Hall Places, the Cathedral, Notre Dame des Ardents church, St Jean Baptiste church The City Centre

Art Deco

The twin heaps 11/19 (Loos en Gohelle)




Ypres Courtrai Tournai
The reconstructed city of the 1920’s The City-Centre, the banks of the Lys The City-Centre, the Cathedral, the banks of the Schelde



Guided tours of museums

The “Musée du Plein Air” Villeneuve d’Ascq (without the taxes “right of speech”) “La Piscine, André Diligent Museum of Art and Industry”, Roubaix (with taxes “ right of speech”) The “Louvre Lens” (with taxes right of speech)