To present myself

Anne Duquesne - Guide conférencière

To present myself

Anne Duquesne – Tour guide & lecturer

professionnal career


How did an atypical career lead me to become a trilingual regional conference guide who created her small business?

I graduated EDHEC in 1979 and worked for 5 years in the newspaper “La Croix du Nord”, a regional weekly magazine and I was already passionate about my region.

I then invested in “Hem Town of Europe” where I was able to maintain my practice of English and German and live many exchanges.

In 2002-2003 at the Catholic University international service, I organized and accompanied stays of work for students / teachers / health professionals in England.

June 2004, I graduated: French / English / German guide.

January 2004-June 2016: Lille Tourism Office guide

And since June 2016: free-lance guide


Anne Duquesne - Guide conférencière

 Who am I talking to?

  • Adult groups, communities, associations, seniors, corporate clients, families
  • School and student groups
  • Individuals


How do I go on guiding tours?

I try to put my convictions into practice:

The tourist will remember what I transmitted (which is a part of myself) and what touched him, both on the substance and on the form (content, illustrations, exchanges)

To archieve this aim, several ways:

To work upstream to deepen my knowledge and to continue to inform myself, to follow the evolution of the region so as to transmit the yesterday and the today of the regional life

Take time before the guided tour (by email, live) to know the group: understanding the group’s expectations is essential.

To allow beautiful encounters, when the guided tour lends itself, to create memories marked among the “tourists”

To use pedagogical tools such as booklets, rallies, according to the needs of the groups

To organize the day, if the group wishes: pre-selection of restaurants, reservation for sites with paying entries ..


How do I work in conferences?

Choosing the topic from my “catalog” (and sometimes creating the conference to answer a specific request)

Make the lectures alive by slipping some anecdotes, favorites and always providing a time of exchanges


How do I make myself known?

  • By word of mouth
  • By sending my catalog of guided tours for individuals by mail to “my contacts”
  • Social networks: Facebook and Linkedin
  • By the site