The circuits that I propose are numerous and varied


Panoramic tour of Lille Lille Metropole tour
Citadelle de Lille Visite de Roubaix

General tour or themed tour, on request, with stops on sites or not

Lille, Roubaix, Croix, Tourcoing, Villeneuve d’Ascq … With or without stops on sites according to customer’s request


“Inland Flanders” Tours « maritimes Flanders » Tours
 Circuits "Flandres Intérieures" Circuits "Flandres maritimes"
Bailleul, Hazebrouck, Cassel, villages and their churches / chapels / mills

Possibility to stop in artistworkshops

Bergues, Killem, Dunkerque, Malo-Les Bains, Gravelines





“Trails of the memory” Tours

Ypres and around Ypres The Artois Front Fromelles
Ypres Le Front de l'Artois
The must-see + sites specific to the groups concerned (French / English / Canadians / Australians, New Zealanders…) Vimy-Lorette and Ring of Memory Associated or not with another circuit

With or without the museum


“Lens and Mining Country” Tour Douai Tour
Arras/Cambrai Tour
Lens, Loos-En-Gohelle, the heaps


Douai, Lewarde


 From Arras to Cambrai


The Coast, from Calais to Boulogne / Mer
The Cap Blanc Nez, the Cap Gris Nez, Wissant, Ambleteuse, the dunes of the Slack …