Le Quesnoy and Fort de Leveau

Le Quesnoy and Fort de Leveau

Saturday, July 8, 2017, an unusual and varied program with a group of Americans:

  • In the morning, the fortifications of Le Quesnoy, walking tour with stop at the Monument to the New Zealanders, the noon Maubeuge, city rebuilt after the Second World War;
  • In the afternoon, Fort Leveau, a fine example of military architecture at the beginning of the 20th century

The Americans were conquered by the preserved beauty of Le Quesnoy and by the warm welcome they received at the “Fort de Leveau”.


Discovering 3 cities full of history: Cambrai, Arras, Tournai, 2 days with a group of German Swiss

A travel agency for which I had already worked asked me to take in charge a group of German Swiss. I knew how much seniors loved French culture. Locating the spots, contacts with volunteers to have usually closed doors being opened, exchanges of emails with the travel agency, good understanding with the driver, all the ingredients to do a good preparation!

The cruise on a barge crossed the north of France, passed in Belgium and ended in the Netherlands. Cultural stops punctuated the journey.

Cambrai: the Cathedral and Cardinal Fénelon’s imprint on the city, St-Géry church (Rubens painting, 18th century liturgical clothing), the Town Hall (art deco and the wedding hall), the fortifications and the Citadel … without forgetting the gourmet break “Bêtises de Cambrai”.

Lunch on the cruise barge

Arras: the Places, St. John the Baptist Church (another painting by Rubens), the Cathedral (specially opened for us), the Town Hall. And the coffee break in front of the belfry.

Tournai: rendez-vous at the barge on the Schelde. The city center, the cathedral (even in works it is worth the guided tour), the belfry, the Grand’Place, and already the return to the cruiseboat …

What I keep in mind:

  • the group “appreciated ” discovering the cities by taking time…
  • the group was thankful having the documents in German so that they had a written record of the discoveries
Musée "La piscine" de Roubaix

A rally “tailored” for high school students, at the request of a travel agency

Beautiful challenge: creating a rally with students in BTS Tourism for high school students. First meeting with students in December 2016: I explained my project, I motivated them … and 4 of them embarked on the adventure. What a marvelous experience on both sides! I brought students the “professional look at the accuracy of the content”. They brought their ideas on the form: scenario, videos, questions, clues … and 1 week before D-Day (March 22, 2017), a general rehearsal at the “La Piscine” museum.

The 4 students conducted the rally with the high school students (in my presence). A great success, congratulations by the teachers who supervised the group of high school students.

An experience that impressed me and that I want to reproduce

An unusual approach of Lille: on the trail of fortifications, by bike!

Successful challenge! Astonishing a group of ch’tis who knew Lille by offering them a tour from the Porte de Paris to the Porte de Roubaix. This group had asked me to mix heritage, history of Lille, anecdotes, encounters and conviviality. The heritage was varied: thecity- gates, the Citadel, the footprints of the ramparts … The exchanges with a beekeeper were interesting …. An enriching afternoon in a warm atmosphere

conference followed by a guided tour

Regularly I organize “conference-guided tour”. There are many topics, including conferences on the region and art history (in relationship  to exhibitions in museums in the region). The “Cassel” tour was very popular with the residents of an elderly home: in the morning, a walking tour of the city, lunch with a panoramic view, in the afternoon, meeting an artist (master glassmaker) in her workshop and at tea-time, pancakes at the Terdeghem mill. What I try to do: culture, visits, conviviality!

Nord visites guidées

Welcome to the North

Welcome to the site.

My only ambition is to make you love our beautiful region.

Good visit!!!

Vimy-Lorette-Fromelles – 21-05-2017

An unforgettable long afternoon! A small group of individuals had responded to my proposal for a guided tour and met in Vimy. After a general presentation (with maps) we went down in a “casing” and then in a trench accompanied by a charming Canadian girl  … Canadian territory obliges! What a shock ! The group became aware of the unimaginable proximity between the lines of the allies and those of the Germans. Stop at the Canadian Monument: 2nd shock: the symbolic message that the statues express and the impregnable viewpoint on the Mining Basin.

Quick passage to the museum “Lens’14-18”, very pedagogical. Visit Notre Dame de Lorette which closes at 5:15 pm. Then the Ring of Memory.

Already 5.45 pm … We go on: direction Fromelles. The cemetery, the statue of the “Cob” and then return Lille at 7 pm. Such a visit honors the memory of the soldiers.